Benefits of Foodie365cloud

Live - inventory tracking

Makes sure that your restaurant kitchen will never runs out of stock by tracking your Stock and Inventory through actual-time Inventory monitoring. View the consumption of every item and set automatic reminders and alerts the item reaches its minimum order quantity level.

Robust security

Every single user action is controlled and monitored by Foodie365cloud. You can even setup default screen for the users. It would help you to give selective access to the system. Multiple Mode for Login: In addition to traditional login, it supports touch screen, fingerprint and smart card login.

Item - level reporting

Get a better insight into your food business by identifying which menu item is performing the best. Keep a track of the best selling items, high-profit margin items and the performance of each menu item for smart-decision making.

Outlet - level reporting

Analyse and View the sales report of each restaurant in case of multiple outlets in detail.Compare and analyze the weekly and monthly sales of each outlet through simple graphical reports.

Food cost control

Reduce your restaurant’s Food Cost by keeping a track of your inventory items and its daily usage. View Variance reviews to monitor the difference between the actual and ideal status of Stock.

Staff management

Manipulate your complete restaurant staff by keeping a track of their performance. View the number of tables included, total bills generated, items bought of each server. Track the attendance of every staff through the employee Management Module.

Expense management

Keep a track of the amount of money spent on other expenses. Manage the Petty Cash Expenditure through Expense Management.

Live billing tracking

The total number of bills generated wiould be track at each of your restaurant outlets actual-time.

Awesome user interface

All the commands and user actions are clearly shown on the screen which can be touched or clicked. These functions can also be called from standardized keyboard shortcuts.

Table reservation

Let your customers dine at a seat of their choice by pre-booking their table through foodie365cloud’s Table Reservation Module. Saves your customers from the trouble of waiting for a table during the rush hours.

Fully configurable

System information flow, features and working option and defaults settings are fully configurable. Foodie365cloud uses simple yes-no type of configuration to adopt the business policy, user or system. Robust Safety and user permissions determine which transactions; reports and masters features may be created, modified or accessed by each user and user group. You can even set a default display for the user to particular transactions only.

Maximum profits

Foodie365cloud enables management to make business strategies to increases revenue and reduce the wastage. foodie also provides recipe based production and consumption backed by physical stock checking. Also we helps you to easily manage day-to-day transaction.