Features of Foodie365cloud

Innumerable features that are very sensitive to the needs of many restaurant. Seemingly negligible yet sensitive factors become an organizational and planning challenge. Foodie365Cloud has a wide feature index and its billing capabilities have helped many businesses manage customer queues in an organized manner. Here are some of the most important features of restaurant management software.

Guest seating & service

The dashboard provides quick information to restaurant managers occupancy status - which table is occupied & available.

Sales reporting & analytics

This functionality allows to capture and analyze store’s sales data along with the revenuce status of each product.

Inventory and production

Food business involves purchasing the right quantity ingredients and ensuring its optimum utilization in preparing the food to minimise the production cost and to avoid wastage.

Customer offers and loyalty

Release coupon vouchers and promo codes , pamphlets for newspaper insertion to attract foodies to the outlet in quantity.

Food costing & wastage report

Ingredients utilization and physical stock can be verified for better decision making.

Speed up service

Automated process improves the efficiency of staff and minimises the waiting time for the customers which would be a delight factor for them.

Customize and recognize

Restaurants will get the flexibility of changing the menu , menu style, and other menu options as per the need and requirement without any additional cost.

Mobile / Online billing

Easily access the table takeaway,order, dine-in, delivery on the mobile. Pay your bills online conveniently split bills and categorise bills.

Accounting and taxation

Foodie software is equipped with automatic tax calculation and discount functionality. Once you assign % of tax or discount ,it will be calculated automatically.


foodie365cloud works in a browser also no installation is required at the food outlet. All your data is in the cloud.

Support all hardware

Works seamlessly on hardware of all configurations. You can use a mobile, laptop, or an iPad.

Work offline and Online

A hybrid solution that works in both offline and online mode. Billing wouldn`t stop even when Internet connectivity goes off.

Easy to Use

Foodie365cloud has an easy to use interface and absolutely minor training is required for your staff to start the billing at the outlet.

Table reservation

Allow your customers to reserve the table of their choice through foodie365cloud’s Table Reservation feature. Customers can view and pre-book the table even before they arrive at your restaurant.