Foodie365cloud - Mobile Application

Menu Management

Customize your restaurant`s menu and prices anywhere , anytime.

Cashflow Management

Payment can be accepted by cash,card and voucher.

Authority based screen

Ensures a secure login session.

Loyalty program

Increase customer loyalty by presenting rewards to repeated customer.

Offline mode

Avoid downtime if there is any kind of internet issue.

Manage staff

Manage restaurant whole staff from a single application. Create employee profiles and categorize them by role. You can even add and monitor job openings.

Review menu & prices

Get a complete overview of your monetory affairs from a single application.Review the menu items, prices and taxes, and check on reservation.

Chef and Cashier branch

No more scrambling to track cashier`s,sale`s and chef`s have their own section to record purchases and charges.

Push Notification

Sent instant push notification to your customer`s on their mobile for maximum engagement.

Customer profile

Allows your customer`s to save their personal details for delivery order's. Users can manage their personal information and save multiple address for ease of placing delivery order`s.

Saved order history

All previous orders placed by customers are automatically saved. Customer can mark their order`s as "Favourite" and place it again on a single click.

Inventory tracking and control

Mobile app for on location inventory counts, automated audits on counts, drag and drop items to match self floating search bar.

Menu engineering chart

Analyse your best selling menu items alongside your most profitable menu items and organize them into star ratings to learn which items are contributing or hurting the business.